Harsco Track Technologies
Fairmont Tamper TKO Tie Remover/Inserter

This is one of eighteen operations and maintenance videos that I produced for Fairmont Tamper, a company that makes nearly 100 machines for railroad track maintenance.

When I say produced, I mean "soup to nuts." After creating shooting scripts from the written manuals, I traveled to locations from Atlanta to Northern Idaho and spent weeks on the track with the steel gangs, videotaping every detail of every machine function. After each trip I came back to SC and wrote the scripts, performed the voiceover, edited the video.

On more than one occasion, I found that the men on the track had a better way to use the machines than was detailed in the owner's manual. In one case following the written manual would actually cause severe damage to the machine. When I finished the videos, the written manual was often changed to match my video scripts.

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